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Exciting new concepts for drug discovery such as genomics and combinatorial chemistry have recently been developed and occupy center stage; however, a major bottleneck is synthetic organic chemistry at greater than milligram amounts. Accordingly, we intend to build CB Research and Development, Inc. and Beard Research, Inc. as contract research organizations (CRO) for organic synthesis supporting early discovery. Outsourcing of advanced intermediates makes excellent sense because the time required to make these compounds in house can be put to better use.

We specialize in gram to kilogram organic synthesis including:
• Intermediates for SAR
• Reference agents
• Building blocks for Combinatorial
• Resynthesis of key intermediates

At first glance, outsourcing can be a perplexing and sometimes frustrating experience. The fundamental business questions are not easily answered: a) should custom projects be done on a best efforts, time and materials basis (FTE) in which the sponsor assumes most of the risk? or b) by a fixed price in which the CRO takes all of the risk. Naturally, pricing is quite different depending on who is the prime risk taker. Furthermore, does the expense of custom synthesis for a particular compound, especially if it is an early building block, make sense at all? Frequently, it may be better for customers to share the cost as a catalog item.

We feel that management of these options is so different that we offer three business models to provide flexibility and guidance for our customers. Beard Research Inc. was founded in 2000 to be exclusively dedicated time and materials projects (FTE).

Single Compound PO's (One offs) (CB Research and Development Inc.) Projects are bid at a guaranteed fixed price for labor; raw materials may either be included in the fixed price or back charged at cost. The decision to back charge raw materials depends on the anticipated reliability of the synthesis procedure provided as well as the degree of scale up. One offs may either be more traditional Kilo Lab projects involving larger quantities of material or the same as FTE projects except that the price is fixed.

FTE¹s (Beard Research, Inc.) are full time equivalents (employees), usually PhD chemists committed full time to the sponsor. FTE¹s do time and materials, best efforts projects with back charge of raw materials. Typically, these involve more research oriented projects and difficult projects that would not be easy to bid on a fixed price. FTE projects generally involve smaller amounts of material (500 mg to 50 grams). Catalog of Advanced Intermediates (CB Research and Development, Inc.) The catalog as described on page four of this newsletter provides advanced intermediates at a fraction of the cost of a custom synthesis. This extends the scope of commercially available building blocks to facilitate drug discovery.

Contact information:

Country:United States
Telephone number:1-302-323-4880
Web page:http://www.cbrd.net/
Email:Contact us now

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