PhytoMyco Research Corporation (PMRC)

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PhytoMyco Research Corporation (PMRC)

PhytoMyco Research Corporation (PMRC) is an emerging natural product company located in Greenville, North Carolina, and we provide novel plant and microbial extracts for discovery, development and commercialization. We have arguably the largest plant extract library in the country, with over 8000 total extracts (4000 organic, and 4000 aqueous), which are in a freeze-dried solid powder format. All our plant extracts have been taxonomically identified, with gram quantities for immediate availability, and re-supply being guaranteed as well. Furthermore, we have employed solid phase extraction to fractionate the plant extracts and created about 35,000 (a total of 80, 000 can be created in a short period of time) semi-purified phytochemicals for HT screening purposes, in case you do not want to work with crude extracts.
With regards to our microbial extracts, we have over 4,000 different microbial cultures currently available in our repository about 5,000 microbial extracts have already been prepared for screening with the capability of having another 5,000. Most of our microbes are endophytes, isolated from medicinal plants (two-thirds) and the rest are actinomycetes. A majority of these extracts have never been screened, and come from very rich sources, offering a competitive edge.
Furthermore, we have taken our own internal research and development a bit further by assembling over 800 Pure Compound Library based on our plants and microbial extracts. In addition, we just added 1200 Protein (plant) extracts to our library.
The library is available for pharmaceutical and other screening needs.

Contact information:

Country:United States
State:North Carolina
Postal address:1800 N. Greene Street
Postal code:27834
Telephone number:(252) 329-9200
Fax:(252) 329-9202
Web page:
Email:Contact us now

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