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Our building blocks and intermediates, available from milligram to multi-gram amounts, can also be synthesized in larger quantities upon request.

Compound Libraries

-General Screening
Stock library contains >100,000 compounds (2-4 week delivery). European inventory has >1,000,000 compounds (2-4 months delivery).

Groups with common heterocyclic lattices.

Mechanism based selections. Kinase Modulators, GPCR Ligands, Anti-infectives, Potassium Channel Modulators, and Protease Inhibitors.

-Privileged Structure
Compounds containing chemical motifs that are more frequently associated with higher biological activity than other structures.

Compounds pre-selected from available stock with maximum chemical diversity.

-Plant Extracts
Over 2500 plant extracts in stock and 9,000 available for collection from various regions.

-Natural Products / Natural Product-Derived
Over 4,000 pure substances available for immediate testing.

Contact information:

Country:United States
Postal address:100 Interchange Blvd
Postal code:19711
Telephone number:(302) 292 8500
Fax:(302) 292 8520
Web page:http://www.timtec.net
Email:Contact us now

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