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Powdersize, Inc. United States

PPG Fine Chemicals Pennsylvania United States
PPG Fine Chemicals has expanded its phosgene derivatives capabilities and technology at its LaPorte, Texas facility targeting the pharmaceutical area, but with application to the agricultural intermediates as well. A new cGMP manufacturing facility and a specialty isocyanate unit in LaPorte began operation in 2000.

Prestwick Chemical Washington D.C. United States
Prestwick Chemical sells smart chemical libraries and offers services in medicinal chemistry.

Priaton Germany
We are your partner in the entire spectrum of modern preparative organic chemistry ranging from 1mg to 1kg.

Princeton Biomolecular Research New Jersey United States

ProChem Chemicals Inc. North Carolina United States

Prosonix Ltd. United Kingdom

Prosynth Ltd. United Kingdom

Protedyne Connecticut United States
Protedyne Corporation brings serious laboratory automation to today’s progressive biotech, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical companies. Using the design principles of industrial automation, Protedyne’s BioCubeTM System combines powerful laboratory robotic hardware with a software infrastructure that ensures complete data management and process tracking.

Prous Science Pennsylvania United States

PTC Organics, Inc. New Jersey United States

QuickSTAT New York United States
QuickSTAT delivers the fastest door-to-door service for shipping blood and organs for transplant, as well as specimens, blood and tissue for research.

Rapp Polymere Germany
The company produces TentaGel, which is a trade mark of Rapp Polymere GmbH. TentaGel includes a whole family of resins.

Raschig North America United States

Reaxa Limited United Kingdom

Reliable Biopharmaceutical Corporation Missouri United States

Rhodia Corporation New Jersey United States

Ricerca Biosciences, LLC Ohio United States

Richmond Chemical Corporation Illinois United States
Our dynamic biosciences division uses modern strain-engineering techniques to devise practical, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly processes for the commercial manufacturing of chiral chemicals with exceptional enantioselectivity.

Robatel, Inc. Massachusetts United States

Robinson Brothers Ltd. United Kingdom
Our global markets include pharmaceutical, veterinary, Imaging, food/beverage, agrochemical, cosmetic, and polymer sectors.

Roche Colorado Corporation Colorado United States
Roche Colorado also offers full-spectrum development, production and purification capacity.

Rohm and Haas Pennsylvania United States
Rohm and Haas discovers, manufactures on a large scale and distributes globally innovative technologies, products and solutions for the fluid processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Root Sciences Washington United States
Root Sciences provides short path wiped film distillation equipment for processing cannabis and hemp BHO or CO2 oil.

Ross Enterprise Georgia United States

RSA Corporation Connecticut United States

RTS United Kingdom

Ryss Lab California United States
Ryss Lab Inc is a Chemical Contract Manufacturing serving the fine organic chemicals for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

SAFC Missouri United States

Salvi Chemical Industries Limited India

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