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BASF Corporation New Jersey United States

Bayer Material Science LLC Pennsylvania United States

Beckman Coulter California United States
Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading provider of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate laboratory processes.

Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Tianqing Chemicals, Ltd. China
BTC has a patent for producing biocides. In China, BTC has the certificate to sell biocides in the power and petro-refinery industries. BTC also provides the customer synthesis. In the year 2000, BTC was certified for ISO 9000, to assure our products' quality for our customer. We welcome your business.

Benzo Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd India
Benzo Chem Industries exports its products to many countries all over the globe and 70% of its turnover is from exports. You can visit our website for a complete product list.

Bharavi Laboratories India

Biddle Sawyer Corporation New York United States
Biddle Sawyer has established a network of overseas companies with various capacities
and reaction capabilities in both cGMP and non-cGMP environments.

Bio Vectra Canada

Bio-Automation Connecticut United States
Bio-Automation has been providing innovative automation solutions to the Life Science Industry since 1998. Recently, we introduced the Bio-Bot. The Bio-Bot is a laboratory robot that is designed to provide walk away time to single instrument or multiple instrument workstations.

BioBlocks, Inc. California United States

BioCatalytics, Inc. California United States
BioCatalytics also offers human cytochrome biocatalysts from redesigned synthetic genes for the synthesis of drug metabolites. Each biocatalyst product incorporates both the P450 and human reductase into a fully functional catalytic system for metabolite production. The combination of the human cytochrome biocatalyst and specially formulated Reaction Buffer Mix contain everything necessary for metabolite production.

Biofocus United Kingdom
GPCR, Kinase libraries.

BioMicroLab California United States
BioMicroLab manufacturers robotics platforms for tube handling and weighing
for SBS type tube racks. The tube handling system features integrated analytical balance options and 2D scanning technology allowing in-process ID and tracking of 2D marked tubes. All BioMicroLab products are designed to provide fast sample processing, unattended operation, and robust sample management

BIOMOL International/Affinity United Kingdom
Peptide-based products.

BIOMOL Research Laboratories Pennsylvania United States
MaxiVerse 9600 diversified drug-like compounds

BioPharm International New Jersey United States
Now in its 20th year, BioPharm is the longest-running peer-reviewed publication serving an audited audience of international professionals involved in developing and manufacturing therapeutics. With the largest U.S. readership in the biopharmaceutical market, BioPharm International reaches the universe of leading biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies with a biotech focus, giving marketers direct access to the core buying power of the dynamic field of biotechnology.

BioProcess International Massachusetts United States

BioScreening.com Delaware United States
Online Database size: 600,000+ available compounds. Substructure search, exact structure search, similarity search, search by product ID, Molecular Weight and Formula.

Biosearch Technologies California United States

Biotechnology Corporation of America Pennsylvania United States
More than 120,000 synthetic organic compounds available for screening.

BioVerdant California United States
The BioVerdant team has pioneered and developed automated systems for high throughput enzyme and microbial screening. Our enzyme discovery capabilities and state-of-the-art protein engineering are utilized to fully explore a wide variety of enzyme catalyzed reactions. In addition to producing significant cost savings and new intellectual property, our Green Chemistry approach to chemical manufacturing is ideal for minimizing the effects of organic waste products on the environment.

Blackman Uhler Chemical Co South Carolina United States
Blackman Uhler Chemical offers their customers assistance from experienced R&D, Engineering and Analytical groups during start-up and process optimization.

Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc. Virginia United States

Boehringer Ingelheim Promeco New Mexico United States
Our plant is specialized in solid and liquid forms; all manufactured with state of the art production technology, ready to satisfy the most demanding client requirements.

Boron Molecular North Carolina United States
Boron Molecular has the capacity to supply its products from grams to multi-kilogram quantities and is committed to providing value to its customers through its extensive range of differentiated products, dependable quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Boron Molecular, Inc. North Carolina United States
Boron Molecular offers a wide range of organic boronic acid and biaryl compounds, including aryl and heteroaryl boronic acids and esters, functionalized biaryls and diboron compounds.

Borregaard Synthesis Norway
We have expertise in process research, process development and scale-up from laboratory scale through pilot plant to full scale production.BSY's cGMP facilities in Norway provide core technologies that meet the needs of leading research-driven pharmaceutical companies.

Boulder Scientific Company Colorado United States
BSC emphasizes customer relationships in all its markets, which include bulk Grignard reagents, specialty silanes, phosphines, borates, organometallic compounds of zirconium, titanium, hafnium,
and nickel, pharmaceutical reagents, and products from laboratory scale up to full manufacturing scale.

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