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Apollo Scientific Limited United Kingdom
Apollo also undertakes custom synthesis work, often under secrecy agreement. We also have agreements in place with approved third-party toll converters.Therefore, should the customer require quantities over 100Kg of one of our own-manufactured intermediates we are able to provide technology transfer of Apollo's procedures.

Aptuit, Inc. Kansas United States
EPPS offers CMC focused, complete API development from preclinical to commercial phases.

Archimica Delaware United States
Archimicaís offerings to the industry include regulatory starting materials, high-tech building blocks, cGMP intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Arichem, LLC (Formally) Sloss Industries Corp. Alabama United States

Arran Chemical Company Ireland

Arrmaz Custom Chemicals South Carolina United States

Artisan Industries Inc. Massachusetts United States
Artisan equipment and systems are proven, cost-effective solutions to the most challenging separation problems facing the custom chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Aschimfarma Italy
The companies associated with ASCHIMFARMA are characterized by their strict application of good manufacturing practices which allows them to reach the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Ash Stevens, Inc. Michigan United States
To meet your outsourcing needs, Ash Stevens offers a comprehensive and flexible package of manufacturing services to support early-stage development, FDA registration, and commercialization.

AstaTech, Inc. Pennsylvania United States
Our mission is to bring innovative products to pharmaceutical and biotech research, development and manufacturing, to develop practical technologies for diverse chemical processes, and to provide cost competitive contract R&D services to fully satisfy our customerís needs.

Asymchem Laboratories Inc. North Carolina United States

Austin Chemical Company, Inc. Illinois United States

Avantium Technologies Netherlands
Avantium has a dedicated team for solid-state chemistry research with a proprietary highthroughput approach for the rational screening of drug polymorphs and salt forms of new
chemical entities. The company was founded in February 2000. It has its head office and laboratory in Amsterdam.

Bachem California United States

Barnstead International Iowa United States

BASF Corporation New Jersey United States

Bayer Industry Services Germany

Bayer Material Science LLC Pennsylvania United States

BCN Peptides Spain

Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Tianqing Chemicals, Ltd. China
BTC has a patent for producing biocides. In China, BTC has the certificate to sell biocides in the power and petro-refinery industries. BTC also provides the customer synthesis. In the year 2000, BTC was certified for ISO 9000, to assure our products' quality for our customer. We welcome your business.

Benzo Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd India
Benzo Chem Industries exports its products to many countries all over the globe and 70% of its turnover is from exports. You can visit our website for a complete product list.

Biddle Sawyer Corporation New York United States
Biddle Sawyer has established a network of overseas companies with various capacities
and reaction capabilities in both cGMP and non-cGMP environments.

Bimax Incorporated Maryland United States

Bio Vectra Canada

BioArc Research Solutions India

BioBlocks, Inc. California United States

BioCatalytics, Inc. California United States
BioCatalytics also offers human cytochrome biocatalysts from redesigned synthetic genes for the synthesis of drug metabolites. Each biocatalyst product incorporates both the P450 and human reductase into a fully functional catalytic system for metabolite production. The combination of the human cytochrome biocatalyst and specially formulated Reaction Buffer Mix contain everything necessary for metabolite production.

BioChem Insights, Inc. Pennsylvania United States

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[BioScreening.NET] - is a reference guide to biomolecular screening (bioscreening) resources on the web. It provides basic definitions for products and services related to bioscreening, as well as links to important websites.

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