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Eastman Chemical Company Tennessee United States
Eastman's Custom Manufacturing business is focused on synthesis of organic molecules for agrochemical, photographic/imaging, industrial, and consumer markets. Custom Manufacturing at Eastman couples traditional manufacturing experience with large-company research, development, and analytical capabilities.

ECA International Corporation Illinois United States
ECA also maintains over thousand catalog products to support our pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical clients on regular basis.

Elsevier MDL California United States

EMD Chemicals Inc. New Jersey United States
We also are a leading supplier of Ionic Liquids which are an emerging class of chemicals used as novel solvents, catalysts, lubricants and electrolytes due to their non-volatile, thermally-stable and conductive properties.

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Limited United Kingdom

Ennova Medchem Group, Inc. New Jersey United States
Ennova MedChem has designed a number of pharmaceutical specialty chemical series and become a leading supplier of these items to all major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our products and services have also been utilized in academic institutions and many other companies in related sectors, such as chemical and biotechnology industries.

EquipNet, Inc. Massachusetts United States

Esteve Quimica, S.A. Spain

Ethox Chemicals South Carolina United States

Euticals Prima European Therapeuticals Italy
EUTICALS and PROCHISA satisfy exclusive productions proposals with sophisticated process technologies. All companies of Euticals group have their own product list intended for generics and free markets and they meet any type of regulatory requirement.

Evotec (UK) Ltd United Kingdom
In contract research, Evotec has established itself as the partner of choice for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The company provides innovative and often integrated solutions from drug target to clinic through an unmatched range of capabilities, including early stage assay development and screening through to medicinal chemistry and drug manufacturing.

Excelsyn Molecular Development Limited United Kingdom

F.I.S Italy

Fanwood Chemical, Inc. New Jersey United States

Far Research, Inc. United States

Farmhispania S.A. Spain
Farmhispania is strong in the manufacturing of Ace-Inhibitors, highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI), titanium chemistry, lyophilization, and pseudo-peptide chemistry. Farmhispania also offers custom manufacturing of Active Ingredients and Intermediates under strict confidence.

Federal Equipment Company Ohio United States

Ferro Corporation, Organic Specialties Ohio United States
Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferro Corporation and part of the Organic Specialties Group, manufactures commercial quantities of specialty and blocked sugars, high purity low endotoxin carbohydrates, pharmaceutical intermediates and high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients under current good manufacturing (cGMP) conditions and has more than 20 active U.S. and international Drug Master Files. The company also offers unique, patented particle engineering technology.

Flamma Spa Italy
Currently FLAMMA operates also in France with the marketing subsidiary Flamma sas and in P.R. China with the manufacturing joint-venture Flamma Gongan Biochemicals Co. Ltd for the production of some basic amino-acids and with a fully owned Research & Technology Center in Shanghai, Shanghai Flamma Bioscience Co. Ltd.

FLC Technologies GmbH & Co., KG United States

FMC Lithium North Carolina United States

Fontarome Chemical, Inc. Wisconsin United States

Formosa Laboratories, Inc. China

Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc. Tennessee United States

FutureFuel Chemical Company Arkansas United States
In our thirty-year history, the site has practiced a wide range of organic syntheses. In addition to traditional organic chemistries, this site is now also focusing on renewable biofuel.

Gabriel Performance Products, LLC Ohio United States

Gelest, Inc. Pennsylvania United States
Gelest, Inc. provides focused technical development and application support for: microelectronic metallization; microelectronic dielectrics; optical materials; pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates; separation science including diagnostics.

GFS Chemicals, Inc. United States

Girindus AG United States

GL Filtration Limited United Kingdom
GL Filtration is also unique in having small scale filter dryers held in a stock program. Filter Dryer models FD250 and FD720 machines are usually available on very short deliveries from the company's stock program.

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[BioScreening.NET] - is a reference guide to biomolecular screening (bioscreening) resources on the web. It provides basic definitions for products and services related to bioscreening, as well as links to important websites.

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