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Interchem Corporation New Jersey United States

International Speciality Products Ohio United States

International Specialty Chemicals, Inc. New York United States

Italian Trade Commission California United States

J-Star Research New Jersey United States

Jet Pulverizer Co., Inc. New Jersey United States

JFC Technologies New Jersey United States

Jiangsu Overseas Group China

Jiangsu Zhongdan Chemical Group Corp. China

Jiangxi Kingnord Industrial Limited China

Jiaxing Furrental / Nanjing Trust Chem China
We act as the sourcing agent for our partners in different markets, or as the sales agent promoting those strong chemical products worldwide for our close chemical producers in China. And we act as the sales agent for the biggest Chinese Resorcinol producer.

Johnson Matthey Massachusetts United States
We offer a unique collection of chiral ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation, novel palladium coupling catalysts, Platinum Group Metal (PGM)-based heterogeneous catalysts, and Sponge Nickel(TM) catalysts. Our optimization services include catalyst process development (multi-step syntheses), knowledge-based selection, purification technology (Smopex®), and process scale-up.

Jubilant Organosys USA, Inc. Connecticut United States

Jupiter Bioscience Limited India

Kalexsyn Michigan United States
Medicinal chemists are the scientific artists that create new chemical entities. They have the ability to integrate multiple data sources such as synthetic methodology, toxicology, ADME, pharmacology, physico-chemical characteristics and deliver new potential drugs. Kalexsyn practices that art.

Kaneka America LLC New York United States

Kemfine Ltd. Finland

Kemira/Alcan Finland

Kingchem LLC New Jersey United States
Our services and capabilities include; contract research to custom manufacturing, fermentation and chemical synthesis, basic starting materials to novel intermediates bulk API to finished dosage forms, Regulatory support and Drug Master File preparation, review and filing.

KMCO Texas United States
KMCO has extensive experience in a broad range of synthetic reaction chemistry and distillation applications, and offers services to the industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, pulp and paper, petrochemicals and petroleum industries.

KMTEX Texas United States

KNC Laboratories Co., Ltd. California United States

Koch Membrane Systems Massachusetts United States

Kuraray America New York United States

Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc. New York United States

La Mesta Chimie Fine France

Lacamas Laboratories Oregon United States

Lambent Technologies Illinois United States
Most Lambent products are oleochemical or silicone- based and function as surfactants, emulsifiers, wetting agents, or performance additives.

Lamberti Synthesis U.S.A. Pennsylvania United States

LCI Corporation North Carolina United States
LCI has the most comprehensive agitated thin-film evaporation pilot plant test center in the Americas and a strong focus on customer after-sale technical assistance, field service, and parts.

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[BioScreening.NET] - is a reference guide to biomolecular screening (bioscreening) resources on the web. It provides basic definitions for products and services related to bioscreening, as well as links to important websites.

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