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2Y-Chem, Ltd. China
At 2Y-Chem, we workstrictly under Confidentiality Agreements. Having western educational backgrounds and experience in the North American pharmaceutical chemical industry, combined with local Chinese talents, makes us a unique and highly competitive team. We understand the customer's needs and are committed to fulfilling the quality and timeline requirements.

Aarti Industries, Ltd. India
We have capability of building a manufacturing plant as per the need of the customer in a relatively short time, by maintaining regulatory standards of SHE.

ActiMol Delaware United States
ActiMol Compounds and Compound Collections

Agilent United States
Agilent delivers innovative technologies, solutions and services to a wide range of customers in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis.

AllyChem Co. Ltd China
Among our 100 staff members, 35 of them with advanced degrees work in our R&D department which focuses on practical industry process development.

Anhui Biochem Pharm Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co., Ltd. China

Beijing Tianqing Chemicals, Ltd. China
BTC has a patent for producing biocides. In China, BTC has the certificate to sell biocides in the power and petro-refinery industries. BTC also provides the customer synthesis. In the year 2000, BTC was certified for ISO 9000, to assure our products' quality for our customer. We welcome your business.

Benzo Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd India
Benzo Chem Industries exports its products to many countries all over the globe and 70% of its turnover is from exports. You can visit our website for a complete product list.

BioArc Research Solutions India

Bright Pharmaceuticals Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Calgen Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. China

Calyx International LLC India
We have the ability to handle multi-stepsynthesis and complex chemistry in a cost competitive manner. Whether you're looking for quantities in grams, tons or anything in between, we are ready to provide you with unparalleled levels of service with a proven track record for providing quality product in a timely manner.

CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry China
Holding exhibitions is our main approach to promoting economic and trade exchange between chemical enterprises both at home in China and abroad. We strive to own our brand exhibitions to establish a platform, through which to better promote the trade exchange and cooperation between domestic and overseas chemical enterprises.

Changshu League Chemical Co., Ltd. China

Changzhou Sunlight Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China
Sunlight Chemical possesses the most advanced technology of hydrogenation in the world with full-equipped autoclaves from 100 to 6,000 liters. Our company produces high quality intermediates for pharmaceutical, dyestuffs, plastic additives and special polymer monomer.

Changzhou Waston Fine Chemical Ltd China
We offer full services including technical QC, R&D. Our customers respect our work and think it's valuable to their sourcing in China.

Chemicrea Inc. Japan

Chemik Co., Ltd. China
We are always dedicated to developing custom-made novel compounds for our clients. Our highly educated and dedicated stuff is able to handle difficult synthetic assignments and provide high quality, on-time, and confidential services. 100% customer satisfaction is always what we strive for. Our customers have the maximum flexibility in choosing what they want to work with us, for example you could either work with us project by project or under contract .

Daikin Chemicals Sales, Ltd. Japan

Daiso Co., Ltd. Japan

Dalian Bio-Chem Co. Ltd. China
Its products have gained recognition both in China domestic and overseas market. Its CMIT/MIT has been certificated to supply nationwide as water-treatment biocide for power and petrochemical industries.With world-class expertise,state-of-the-art production lines and experienced management team, it is dedicated in developing and manufacturing the finest products in the world and strives to meet the growing expectation of the customers.

DSL Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd China

Duowei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China
We have passed all GMP identification. Depending on the excellent technicians, advanced production craft, modern equipment and inspection equipment. We can supply the finest product and after-sales service to satisfy the customers all over the world.Our sales center located in Beijing in charge of the sales all over the world.

Formosa Laboratories, Inc. China

Gland Pharma Limited India
Gland Pharma has pioneered Heparin technology in India and has a position of leadership in the Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) range of molecules. Gland also manufactures and markets its own products.

Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. Japan
Hamari has the ability to produce from pilot plant scale to commercial scale and to minimize the period from development to validation, while providing you with a confidentiality agreement prior to any transfer of proprietary information, making the transition from the developmental phase to commercial phase as smooth as possible.

Hamilton Nevada United States
Beginning with the first microliter syringe, Hamilton Company established a reputation of excellence in precise liquid handling instrumentation.

Hande Sciences China
Hande Sciences is a responsive company,driven by customer satisfaction.We offer prompt quotation, competitive prices, high quality products and fast delivery.

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