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Accelrys California United States
Whether you are an experimental biologist, computational or experimental chemist, Accelrys desktop products can enhance your research.

Affymax California United States

Alchemia Australia

American Peptide Company, Inc California United States
We are producing milligrams to multi-kg of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in our newest large-scale cGMP peptide manufacturing plant located in Vista, California. With offices in the USA and Japan, APC is dedicated to delivering high-quality peptides to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

AnaSpec California United States
Thousands of new building blocks and amino acid derivatives produced for medicinal and combinatorial chemistry.

Argonaut Technologies California United States

Axygen California United States

Bachem California United States

Beckman Coulter California United States
Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading provider of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate laboratory processes.

BioBlocks, Inc. California United States

BioCatalytics, Inc. California United States
BioCatalytics also offers human cytochrome biocatalysts from redesigned synthetic genes for the synthesis of drug metabolites. Each biocatalyst product incorporates both the P450 and human reductase into a fully functional catalytic system for metabolite production. The combination of the human cytochrome biocatalyst and specially formulated Reaction Buffer Mix contain everything necessary for metabolite production.

BioMicroLab California United States
BioMicroLab manufacturers robotics platforms for tube handling and weighing
for SBS type tube racks. The tube handling system features integrated analytical balance options and 2D scanning technology allowing in-process ID and tracking of 2D marked tubes. All BioMicroLab products are designed to provide fast sample processing, unattended operation, and robust sample management

Biosearch Technologies California United States

BioVerdant California United States
The BioVerdant team has pioneered and developed automated systems for high throughput enzyme and microbial screening. Our enzyme discovery capabilities and state-of-the-art protein engineering are utilized to fully explore a wide variety of enzyme catalyzed reactions. In addition to producing significant cost savings and new intellectual property, our Green Chemistry approach to chemical manufacturing is ideal for minimizing the effects of organic waste products on the environment.

ChemBridge California United States
ChemBridge offers an extensive portfolio of discovery chemistry products and contract research services.


ChemoSoft California United States
Computational and medicinal chemistry services: pharmacophore analysis, QSAR, flexible docking.

Combi-Blocks California United States

CS Bio Inc. California United States
Our focus is on providing not only high quality compounds and instrumentation, but also high-quality service, documentation and quality assurance support.

Discovery Partners International California United States
At Discovery Partners International, our products and technologies are the foundation for our world class services and collaborative drug discovery programs. As a Discovery Partners International customer, you can choose to purchase our products for use in your drug discovery programs, license our technologies or contract with Discovery Partners International to perform those services for them.

Eastar Chemicals Corporation California United States
Eastar develops and produces unique products for small custom producers and multinational customers in a wide range of industries including life sciences, veterinary, food, electronics, cosmetics, plastics, textiles, paper, leather, inks, flame retardants, and coatings.

Elsevier MDL California United States

Focus Synthesis LLC California United States
Focus Synthesis offers highly unusual building blocks designed for optimal diversity using cheminformatics.

Heraeus Metal Processing, Inc. California United States

Innovate Engineering & Design California United States

Italian Trade Commission California United States

KNC Laboratories Co., Ltd. California United States

Labcon California United States

Labcyte Inc California United States
Labcyte Inc. uses focused acoustic energy (ultrasound) to eject small droplets of liquid from open wells for its products that target sub-microliter transfer volumes. Since there is no contact between the transducer (which converts RF energy to sound) and the fluids being moved, this technology is especially well suited to biological applications where large numbers of different fluids must be transferred rapidly.

Nanosyn California United States
Accelerating Drug Discovery.

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