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AllessaChemie GmbH Germany
Thirty technologies are the basis for AllessasChemie’s product range of 700 organic intermediates. Together with AllessaSyntec, the scale-up from laboratory to technical scale to 50 tons per year can be provided.

Analyticon Discovery Germany

Bachem California United States

Bayer Industry Services Germany

Beckman Coulter California United States
Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading provider of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate laboratory processes.

Carl Zeiss Germany
* Light microscopes
* Systems for image processing and documentation, for laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
* Optical readers
* Screening systems for pharmaceutical drug research

ChemCologne Germany
Together with our business partner COLOGNE BONN BUSINESS we would like to show you, how the Cologne region could become the springboard for your business into the world’s biggest chemical market – the European Union.

Chemion Logistik GmbH Germany
Chemion has 1,100 employees and covers the entire range of logistics, including storage, transport, and disposal services. Other Chemion services are training and the procurement of special equipment and highly qualified technical personnel.

CyBio AG Germany
CyBio - Scalable Systems for Automated Lab Solutions

Evotec OAI Germany

Intatrade Chemicals Ltd Germany

IRIS Biotech Germany

The Chemical Intermediates segment produces a multitude of chemical products. Our core competencies are research and development and the production and marketing of highly specialized industrial and fine chemicals.

Life Chemicals, Inc. Ontario Canada
specializes in state-of the-art organic synthesis for high-throughput screening.

NEB (New England BioLabs) Massachusetts United States
Protein Kinases


PharmaZell GmbH Germany

Polymer Laboratories Massachusetts United States

Priaton Germany
We are your partner in the entire spectrum of modern preparative organic chemistry ranging from 1mg to 1kg.

Rapp Polymere Germany
The company produces TentaGel, which is a trade mark of Rapp Polymere GmbH. TentaGel includes a whole family of resins.

Solvay Organics GmbH Germany

Starlab Germany

Strem Massachusetts United States

Synthon Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG Germany

TUV BioTech GmbH Germany

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