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ActiMol Delaware United States
ActiMol Compounds and Compound Collections

Affymax California United States

Alchemia Australia

Arqule Massachusetts United States
A biotechnology company engaged in the research and development of cancer therapeutics.

ChemOvation United Kingdom

Discovery Partners International California United States
At Discovery Partners International, our products and technologies are the foundation for our world class services and collaborative drug discovery programs. As a Discovery Partners International customer, you can choose to purchase our products for use in your drug discovery programs, license our technologies or contract with Discovery Partners International to perform those services for them.

Evotec OAI Germany

Nanosyn California United States
Accelerating Drug Discovery.

NiKem Research Italy

Otava Ukraine
Otava supplies fine organic chemicals including unique building blocks for combinatorial organic synthesis.

Sigma Aldrich Library of Rare Chemicals United States
A leading life science and high technology company

Zelinsky Institute Russian Federation
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ZIOC)

* Organic compounds for biological screening
* Building blocks and intermediates for combinatorial chemistry
* Reliable supply and re-supply
* Custom synthesis in g-kg scales
* Research & process development contracts

[Available Compounds Database] - Search 600,000+ compounds by structure, submit inquiry online
[LOPAC 1280 - The Gold Standard for Assay Validation] - Accelerate your drug discovery process by validating your biochemical and cell-based assays with the Sigma-RBI Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds.
[MyriaScreen Diversity Collection] - Comprised of 10,000 high-purity screening compounds handpicked to maximize chemical diversity while maintaining drug-likeness.

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