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11.01.2006 CytRx Announces Clinical and Corporate 2006 Milestones:
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — CytRx Corporation (Nasdaq: CYTR) today announced projected major 2006 clinical and corporate milestones and reviewed 2005 achievements aimed to advance the Company’s goal to develop and commercialize human therapeutics, primarily in the area of small molecules and ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi). CytRx’s 2005 highlights include:

11.01.2006 New Release Genedata Screener Improves Strategy for High Throughput Screening Analysis:
BASEL, Switzerland, January 11 2006 - Genedata announces the release of Genedata Screener® 4.0, an open and scalable solution for high throughout screening (HTS) analysis. The software now boasts a well documented public application programming interface (API) and advanced procedures for analyzing high content screening data.

10.01.2006 Plant Compounds Inhibit Blood Clotting:
After screening hundreds of phytochemicals found in a variety of plants, an ARS scientist has identified, characterized, and synthesized two potentially heart-healthy natural compounds. These compounds, either in foods or as dietary supplements, may be important for alleviating the symptoms of heart disease related to blood clots. Rigorous testing and regulatory approval is prerequisite.

11.01.2006 Proteomic profiling to assess genetically modified crop safety:
It is generally accepted that traditional food is safe for the majority of consumers. For the introduction of a new variant or cultivar developed from a traditional crop plant, maximum limits have been set in some cases, e.g., for potato and oilseed rape, to the

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