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13.07.2006 New Tool Can Boost or Block the Body’s Protective Inner Barriers:
A team of experts funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has developed a chemical tool that allows scientists to manipulate control of the passage of […]

13.07.2006 New Risk Factors Do Not Improve Assessment of Coronary Heart Disease:
Newswise — Screening for levels of C-reactive protein and other compounds recently found to be associated with coronary heart disease may not help physicians predict risk for the condition with any more accuracy than traditional major risk factors, according to a report in the July 10 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the […]

18.07.2006 AnaSpec Develops Industry’s Only HTS Assay Kits for Screening HCV NS3/4A:
Hepatitis C virus (HCV), belonging to the Flaviviridae family of positive, single stranded RNA, infects approximately 170 million people worldwide (1). The HCV polyprotein consists of structural proteins (C, E1, E2 and p7), and the non-structural (NS) proteins (NS2, NS3, NS4A, NS4B, NS5A, and […]

18.07.2006 ELNS & Laboratory Informatics 2006:
The 6th Annual ELNs meeting has been designed to reflect the shift in priorities surrounding ELNs. To achieve optimum ROI on an investment you […]

18.07.2006 Labcyte Issued 26th U. S. Patent Describing Reduction of Electrostatic Charge to Ensure Proper Volume Transfer and Trajectory:
Sunnyvale, CA, July 11, 2006 – Labcyte Inc. announces the issuance of U.S. Patent 7,070,260. This patent describes the use of deionization of microplates and reservoirs to ensure improved precision and accuracy of acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) and other techniques employing the transfer of small fluid droplets. Plastic multi-well microplates such as those commonly […]

21.07.2006 Giving worms a taste of their own medicine:
The humble nematode worm could prove invaluable in screening new compounds for active drugs, new research published today suggests. Soil-dwelling nematodes have a programmed avoidance response to harmful chemicals, which they detect through nerves exposed to their environment. Scientists led by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have genetically modified the worm C. elegans to make human […]

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